Environment, Social & Governance (ESG)

Nexus is committed to being guided by best practice ESG principals and leading global frameworks. The company is integrating ESG into future strategic planning and long-term risk management.

• Minimise our carbon footprint.
• Regularly monitor and strive to improve our environmental performance

• Treat all employees fairly
• Maintain a safe and healthy working environment
• Consult and communicate openly with communicate, government and other stakeholders.

• Establish solid foundations for management and governance.
• Promote a high standard of business integrity

The prime objective of Nexus is to develop the culture, protocols and procedures to ensure the integrity of the environment for all employees, contractors and external stakeholders associated with our operations.


  1. To be committed to maintain and improve environmental management of all facets of the operations.
  2. To identify, mitigate and act upon potential environmental impacts upon their recognition.
  3. To act with cognisance to regulatory and ethical standards as would be expected with economically and ecologically sustainable development.
  4. To encourage workforce awareness of environmental management and promote positive personal environmental attitude in the workplace.
  5. To be responsive and responsible with regard to establishing environmental credibility with external stakeholders and regulatory bodies.
  6. To encourage and propose internal and external research to reduce environmental impacts and improve long term rehabilitation and reclamation success within the realms of economically and ecologically sustainable development.